The Spanish had pieces of eight and now The Dispensibles have our very own challenge coin. Long an honored tradition among elite military organizations, the challenge coin is a prized badge of membership.

These jewelry-quality pieces are forged from nautical-grade brass, plated in high-sheen silver and colored with precious enamels fired at high temperature. The obverse features our signature Herbie logo on a stunning glow-in-the-dark background. The reverse displays our eighth guiding value in magnificent relief over the classic dive flag. The sight of this pocket-sized artwork glowing in a dark room is almost as thrilling as catching a glimpse of the real Herbie on a night dive with
The Dispensibles!

Our 8th Guiding Value

“We view every mistake as a benchmark to be exceeded”.

These words were chosen to appear on our official challenge coin. To the uninformed, this important part of
The Dispensibles’ culture may seem flippant, or even contradictory to the “safety first” tradition of SCUBA diving. In truth, it actually reflects our practice of recognizing every mistake as a priceless learning opportunity. Only after a full understanding is gained are we able to to put the mistake behind us and move on to bigger and better things. This process ensures that we learn something on every dive without getting mired in past errors. We don’t just live this philosophy; we also share it. If you dive with us, we’ll point out your mistakes, too. It’s one of the reasons why The Dispensibles are recognized as the most famous international dive team in the world.

Silverplate and enamel over nautical brass

Max Depth
No Limit - Dive your challenge coin as deep as you dare!

1.5 inch diameter
3mm thick

1.3 ounces negative
Buy 12 and fine-tune your weight system

Exclusive Dispensibles Guarantee
If any Dispensibles Challenge Coin ever fails for any reason, we'll be really bummed out. That's our promise to you.

PRICE: $180.00
The Team
Guiding Values
Official Dispensibles Challenge Coin