The LOKSAK is not your granddad’s ziplock bag. Constructed of FDA approved medical grade film, the LOKSAK is puncture resistant, resealable, temperature tolerant and certified waterproof to 200 feet of salt water.

Unlike any other piece of
Dispensibles Gear, the official Dispensibles branded LOKSAK is not for sale at any price. The only way to get your hands on one is for a member of The Dispensibles to give it to you. So if you should ever be lucky enough to actually dive with The Dispensibles, ask yourself - What would you do for a LokSak?
Just a few typical uses
Shore dive from a sketchy beach
Not comfortable leaving your car keys and remote lock transmitter hidden in the bumper? No problem - zip them into a LOKSAK and tuck them into the pocket of your BC.

Dry storage on the dive boat
Plenty of room for your cell phone, compact camera, sunglasses, wallet, Altoids and generous tips for the captain and divemaster. BONUS: touchscreen phones can be operated while in the LOKSAK!

Modern air travel
TSA-friendly size makes The
Dispensibles LOKSAK perfect for shuttling your liquids and gels through dignity-sucking Fourth Amendment violations at airports worldwide.

Can’t wait to get one?
If you don’t want to take your chances on meeting The
Dispensibles, you can always buy LOKSAK products directly from the manufacturer in a wide range of sizes. They won’t have our exclusive branding logo, but they’re still pretty cool.

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Absolute airtight seal - waterproof, dustproof, humidity proof

Max Depth
200 feet - tested by SSI (Formerly NASDS)

6 in X 9 in

Adjustable by changing trapped air volume

-Temperature Range: -40 to 140 degrees F
-BPA free
-Emblazoned with our famous "Blue Herbie" logo

Exclusive Dispensibles Guarantee
If any Dispensibles LOKSAK ever fails for any reason, we'll be really bummed out. That's our promise to you.

The Team
Guiding Values
Official Dispensibles LokSak