When we made the t-BULB, we spared no expense. In keeping with our 7th Guiding Value, we realized that even cheap penny pinching divers should have an underwater visibility aid that meets the impossibly high standards of The Dispensibles. Around your tank on your next night dive, or around your neck at your next rave- The Dispensibles Glow Stick is always the right choice. Exclusively from Dispensible DiveTech.
Exclusive Features
Integral molded lanyard loop
Can’t pull off, won’t let go. Other glow sticks have lanyard caps that can slip off at the worst possible time - not this one. Tie it to your tank, and it’s there until you take it off.

Premium luminescent chemistry
The cheap sticks give up the glow after as little as 30 minutes.
The Dispensibles Glow Sticks will still be glowing strong six hours after activation or longer.

300 FSW Depth Rating
No other light source in this price range has a higher depth rating. None.

Exclusive Dispensibles guarantee

If any
Dispensibles Glow Stick ever fails for any reason, we’ll be really bummed out. That’s our promise to you.
Chemoluminescent Light Source
No batteries required

Max Depth
300 feet

4 in X 0.5 in Diameter

Neutral in fresh or salt water

Light Emitters
Brilliant Green omnidirectional light

-Integrated lanyard loop
-Emblazoned with our famous "Desert island saguaro" logo

PRICE: $29.95 Each
The Team
Guiding Values
Official Dispensibles Glow Stick