We challenged the boys in the lab to design a glow-stick replacement worthy of The Dispensibles. They came up with the Totally Bitchin’ Underwater Locator Beacon. Three lighting modes, hundreds of feet of viz and hundreds of hours of operation. Exclusively from Dispensible DiveTech!
Three Lighting Modes
1. Auto-Charge Phosphorescent mode for supernaturally long battery life. Advanced V-10 phosphor pigment for high optical efficiency.

2. Dynamic Color Scan mode for maximum visibility range. Automatically sweeps the entire color spectrum from pure green to pure blue for peak transmission in any water.

3. Phos-Strobe mode for getting attention. On the beach or underwater, the combination of V-10 phosphor with seven high output pulsed LEDs make the t-BULB easy to find and follow.

200 FSW Depth Rating
Light the deep with confidence.

Exclusive Control-Fish User Interface
No seals to leak means highest possible reliability.

Uses Standard AA Batteries
NiMH or alkaline, readily available worldwide.

You’ve never seen a light like the t-BULB from
Dispensible DiveTech.
Totally Bitchin’ Features
Battery Life
Up to 200 hours continuous operation

Max Depth
200 Feet

3in X 1.5 inch diameter

Slightly positive in fresh or salt water

Light Emitters

4X High Output UV
1 High Output RGB


Integrated spring clip
Fits any strap up to 2 in

Exclusive Dispensibles Guarantee
If any t-BULB ever fails for any reason, we'll be really bummed out. That's our promise to you.

PRICE: $499.00
The Team
Guiding Values
t-BULB Totally Bitchin’ Underwater Locator Beacon