The Executive Board
Steve K.
Chief Marketing Officer
Steve earned his first SCUBA certification in 1986. He has also held sales and marketing management positions at a number of Fortune 500 companies before joining The Dispensibles. Steve still does some of the team’s underwater photography himself, having started with the venerable Nikonos line of cameras, and moving up to the housed DSLRs that he shoots with today.
Bob M.
Chief Technology Officer
An accomplished diver in addition to being a talented engineer, Bob’s service as CTO allows him to combine the two disciplines. Keeping The Dispensibles on the cutting edge of dive technology, Bob oversees the team’s Research and Development activities, including all technology centers in the United States, Europe and Central America.
Nic S.
Chief Safety Officer
Nic enjoys a unique perspective as the only Romanian member of the team. His international experience in diving and in business operations make him a versatile and valuable leader. Nic is has put The Dispensibles in the forefront of the development and adoption of new practices for dive planning, mission safety and dive light management.
Bob S.
Chief Diving Officer
Bob began his diving career in The United States Navy. Since then, he has completed thousands of logged dives as well as an undisclosed number of “unlogged” dives that he can’t discuss. Bob uses his wealth of underwater experience to ensure that diving always remains the focus of everything The Dispensibles do.
Calum W.
Global Vice President
Human Resources
Calum joined The Dispensibles after becoming established as a recognized expert in building, training and motivating high performance teams. Leveraging his extensive background, Calum has primary responsibility for The Dispensibles’ culture. This includes ownership of our 10 Guiding Values, with particular emphasis on observance of the Fourth Guiding Value.
Matt K.
Global Vice President
Diver Health
Matt’s extensive experience with the healthcare industry make him a valuable addition to The Dispensibles’ roster. Modern medical care is not always available nor affordable at our dive sites. From dive planning that reflects our First Guiding Value to procuring medication at local prices, Matt sees to it that The Dispensibles are ready to dive on every dive.
Steve C.
Global Cultural Liason
As the world’s premier Famous International Dive Team(TM), The Dispensibles don’t always dive in familiar surroundings. Steve’s extensive experience with international traditions allows him to bridge the culture gap in any situation. Time and again, Steve has been the difference between a well-placed bribe and a messy incarceration. Fun fact: Steve speaks over 10 languages (that’s 10 binary.)
David W.
Chief Financial Officer
He’s Scottish.
The Team
Guiding Values