Peak team performance requires a deliberately nurtured shared culture. The Dispensibles’ culture is embodied in our Ten Guiding Values. We live our values on every dive, from the start of planning to the victory celebration.

Our 10 Guiding Values
1. Safety is never compromised without good reason.

2. Money is our most valuable asset. People are third, behind beer.

3. A good dive starts with good planning.

4. A great dive ends with great beer.

5. We acknowledge our responsibility to always dress appropriately.

6. We respect all aquatic life. Except lion fish. We hate those spiny bastards.

7. Top quality gear and regular maintenance are probably not in the budget.

8. We view each mistake as a benchmark to be exceeded.

9. A good dive light is worth hanging on to.


The flexibility granted by our tenth Guiding Value reflects our conviction that adaptability fosters strength.
The Team
Guiding Values